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【NEW PRODUCT】Launch of a “FRIZZ CARE” series

A menu that has gained a great popularity overseas

A FRIZZ CARE series, which incorporates the concept of "Anti Frizz",
has been finally launched worldwide.

Tames curly and frizzy hair, leading for more manageable hair.

A "FRIZZ CARE" series incorporates the concept of "Anti-Frizz" that has responded to concerns of people overseas for curly and frizzy hair conditions. The product contains naturally-derived ingredients gentle to the hair and maintains frizz-free hair all the way throughout to the ends, while replenishing moisture from within.

Great news for curly and frizzy hair!!

Many of the hair salon customers overseas are troubled with stubborn hair and seek for a treatment menu for controlling curly and frizzy hair. And that’s the reason why "Anti-Frizz" has spread through the market in addition to hair cut, perm, straightening and color treatment menus. Phiten has developed a series of Anti-Frizz products to support women who suffer from "curly and frizzy hair" conditions. And the series has been offered to countries including USA and Europe over the past several years. A "Frizz Care" product series, taking in the concept of hugely popular anti-frizz menu, has been finally launched in all parts of the world. We want to see smiles of satisfaction from those who are concerned with curly and frizzy hair.

*What is "Anti-Frizz"?
A menu to control stubborn and frizzy hair and maintain smooth glossy-looking straight hair.

Scenes of product demonstration for Anti-Frizz treatment

Produced by Yuko Yamashita

I started a joint development agreement in hair care products with Phiten, a company that focuses on ’healthy body’, which coincided with my consideration of "healthy and beautiful hair."
The hair is part of our body and healthy, beautiful hair can only be created through a body that is healthy.
I really hope you will make good use of the advices and care methods offered by professionals like us.


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