Permanent Waving Solutions



Turns damaged hair into undamageable wavy hair.Gives the hair a soft, smooth texture filled with moisture.It's possible to treat the hair on the same day as when coloring your hair.

(Cysteamine type)

CYS(Cysteamine type)

A soft solution creating soft and resilient wave added with smooth texture and hair.

(Thio Type)

TG(Thio Type)

A firm hold solution with a soft and glossy finish.

  • Salon Professional
  • Salon Professional
  • Salon Professional


While ladies become more freely enjoying a variety of hair styles, there is an increase in demand for products more gentle to the hair. What Phiten is focusing on is a consideration of "Food Care". To keep the hair healthy, Phiten not only applies its unique technology, but also applies "natural derived ingredients", which can be applied as food, to seriously care the damage on the hair.

Three types of products are offered based on the hair condition and purpose of clients, and they covers the styles from wave style with "firm ridge", "resilient wave" and to less damage "natural curl". The products realize perm style with good texture and hair gloss.

The product series, designed based on Phiten's philosophy of "tenderness to the hair", promote minimized hair damage and free style making.

Three different type of solutions to choose from based on hair condition and purpose

Loss / Outflow of Hair Protein
Loss / Outflow of Hair Protein
  • Lactonethiol comparatively helps inhibiting outflow of hair protein and leads to ease the stress on the hair.
  • *Data is based on internal testing value for reference purpose and does not guarantee the exact value.
MIU*1 Falling Rate
MIU*1 Falling Rate
  • At hair friction test, difference is observed between old models and new solutions. Especially, the friction rate for CYS implies that it helps maintain hair smoothness at the certain level even after the perm.
  • *Data is based on internal testing value for reference purpose and does not guarantee the exact value.

*1 The smaller the friction factor (MIU), hair is better in shape and smoother.